Hello! I’m
Kim Winberry


Highly motivated Designer adept at conceptualizing, designing and maintaining product interfaces to foster exceptional user experiences. Solid understanding of grid-based design, layout, typography, color, and other design principles. Demonstrated expertise in user interface and visual design work. Proven experience developing consumer-focused websites using HTML and CSS. Skilled in building products for desktop, mobile platform users, while meeting the highest standards for web design, user experience, best practices, usability, and speed.

With extensive experience in web and graphic design, I have been responsible for many creative and collateral materials. This includes management of deadlines, personnel, details, and creative materials. These roles were key in the development of websites, print collateral as well as email design and coding. In addition to these roles, I funnel my creativity into fine art as a watercolor artist


The current positions that I have held includes Front-End Web Developer, Senior Graphic Designer and Media Designer and most recently as a Digital Marketing Coordinator/Producer.


These roles have allowed me the experience of developing and maintaining corporate identities and guidelines, program web sites and code HTML email campaigns.


My Skills

E-Mail Marketing

From designing templates, curating content, coding emails to analyzing results and A/B testing. I've been doing it all for close to 15 years.

Web Design

From sketching concepts on napkins to wireframes presented on an overhead to the final launch, I've been an integral part of it all.

Augmented Reality

Utilizing 3d models, audio, and video, I have created experiences embedded in paintings and books.

General Office Wizardry

You need someone to create a fillable PDF? Crunch some numbers and create a pivot table in Excel? Create a presentation in Powerpoint? That's me.

My Experience

Digital Marketing Coordinator/Producer, DealershipNews.com

September 2018 - Current

  • Manage Email Marketing efforts including design of templates, determining content for weekly news, determining subject lines, monitoring analytics, performing A/B testing when necessary.

  • Designed, implemented and monitored web pages and sites for continuous improvement.

  • Spearheaded production of page content such as visuals and text copy to meet project specifications.

  • Took concepts and produced design mockups and prototypes to strengthen designs, enhance user experiences and improve site interactions.

  • Created site layout and user interface using HTML and CSS practices.

  • Completed full redesigns of existing websites to improve navigation, enhance visuals and strengthen search engine rankings.

  • Created and maintained company web pages using HTML and CSS.

  • Managed project deadlines and monitored milestones through completion stage.

  • Reviewed and edited blog posts to guarantee high content quality.

  • Preserved brand integrity by monitoring consistency and quality of marketing content.

  • Developed and implemented campaigns for email, online advertising, search engines and direct mail.

  • Devised email strategies, including segmenting strategies, welcome email auto responders and training drip campaigns.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Ritz Tours

February 2018 - April 2018 (Freelance)

  • Email template design, copywriting, campaign design, implementation and analytics.

  • Email coding and interfacing with ESPs and analytics.

  • A/B Testing and Analytics.

  • Developed paid client ads for use on diverse social media platforms.

  • Built, implemented and updated effective SEO strategies.

  • Produced and submitted weekly reports outlining progress against KPI objectives.

Senior Email Designer, Newegg

March 2017 - October 2017 (Contract)

  • Design of International Email Campaigns.

  • Design of brand sponsored emails.

  • Design of targeted eMarketing campaigns.

  • Design of templates for use in upcoming email campaigns.

  • HTML coding of various emails

Front-End Web Developer/ Email Design & Developer, KSwiss Global Brands

  • Develop html email campaigns based on requests for promotions from Marketing.

  • Create email designs and web ready graphics and additional back up for Graphic Design Department.

  • Email coding and interfacing with ESPs and analytics.

  • A/B Testing and Analytics.

  • Update and change KSwiss and Palladium websites per Marketing campaigns and direction.

May 2015 - October 2015 (Contract)

Front-End Web Developer/Graphic Designer, GAHH Automotive

August 2010 - January 2013

  • Designed and produced promotional and collateral materials within established corporate branding guidelines.

  • Created graphical imagery for promotional and collateral materials.

  • Uploaded new products through proprietary web-based system.

  • Independent development of promotional materials.

  • Responsible for multiple projects simultaneously with tight deadlines.

  • Development of email marketing campaigns.

  • Build, proof, revise and deployment of email marketing campaigns based on feedback from various departments of origin.

  • Created templates for various promotional newsletters and html email versions.

  • Review of email campaigns within Dreamweaver, editing where necessary to include alt tags, html codes, absolute links, etc.).

  • Send emails to test accounts across various email servers and device types for testing.

  • Maintenance of client email list segmentations, sending specific email offers to specific list segments.

  • Follow up on open rates, click through, bounce and unsubscribes.

Interested in learning more about my professional background?


What I’ve Learned

September 2012 - August 2014

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Associates of Science
Major: Web Design & Interactive Media

September 1997 – May 1999

Glendale Community College

Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

September 1986 – May 1988

California State University,
Los Angeles

Major: Industrial Design

Interests and Hobbies

I am pretty much a home-body, but every once and awhile I like to get out and go to the shore and smell the ocean air. I like to paint sea animals, and watch my son on the beach playing in the water.


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One Kid Too Many
One Kid Too Many

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Painting - Watercolor

I love to paint. There's nothing better than watching as one color would blossom in the water that it was provided. I’d watch as that bit of color would start to travel across the sheet, splitting apart into streams, running into other colors as it travelled, blending into new colors. I wondered what it was going to become. I’d become lost in thought watching the water.


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ian on the beach
ian on the beach

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ian at the mall
ian at the mall

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My Family

The best time is family time.